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Bianca's Testimonial - A Light Called Hope

Firstly, I want to give thanks to God for giving me life and blessing me every day. Furthermore, I am very grateful to the "Joanne Mackay Breast Cancer foundation" and of course to my lovely husband, who has been my rock during this long but successful journey.
Really, I will always be in debt with the "Joanne Mackay Breast Cancer Foundation" as they helped me when I needed them the most. 
Having recently arrived to Australia from Colombia, South America with many expectations and then suddenly your entire life changes. It started with noticing something that was not normal, then diagnosis "Breast Cancer",no previous family history of cancer. I was only 27 married for only 2 months. This was a big shock and a huge challenge for my life ahead.  "Unfortunately life throws you curve balls".
During this traumatic time, I was looking for work. Although I have a degree in international business and vast experience in Colombia in this field, I knew that I had to start again to gain local experience and know how the Australian environment works.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy, I needed to halt all my plans and concentrate on my health. This was a priority for my husband and I and during my treatment we lived only on my husband's salary. Although the treatment was covered 90% by Medicare, we needed to pay for the remaining 10%. The Foundation totally supported us with the medical bills during my treatment. 
I will never forget this difficult situation I went through and the Foundation gave us a helping hand. When I was just finishing my last chemotherapy treatment to start with the radiotherapy treatment, my husband's company went into voluntary administration and he was made redundant. This was a very difficult time for us but the Foundation was there helping us and providing us with support. Maureen really was my angel!
Luckily my husband had a depth of experience in his profession and found work again a few weeks later. But in the meantime the Foundation supported us. As I said, we will never forget the generosity received from them, we will be forever grateful to them!
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel: This year has just been fantastic for us. God has blessed us. We both have fulltime employment, I have started ;my own small business "Lulu's Handmade Accessories" that I am running on Facebook.  Additionally, I am studying an Advanced Diploma in Accounting at the St George TAFE and although I continue having medication to prevent the cancer form returning, I am now cancer free. We have survived the storm. I feel so gratified for being healthy now - I love that I can give women, hope and healing.
This illness doesn't care who you are, how old you are, it just happens. Please be cautious and aware to any strange changes in your body. Since I was diagnosed, I see life in a positive way and I do not worry for simple things.... remember: enjoy every day, yesterday is history, tomorrow mystery and today is the present to try to live life as being the last.
Breast cancer has shown me just how beautiful the world is. Every day I encounter incredibly kind, generous people and learn valuable lessons about living well. Facing and coping with "cancer", I have become a better person.
Blanca Lucero
Helping to ease the burden